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Bathroom mirrors are a must-have part of any home's décor. Just as the bathroom can not miss a sink and a shower or bathtub, you can not do without a mirror either. More - of all the design elements, especially the illuminated bathroom mirror must be chosen thoughtfully to serve the whole family!


Illuminated mirror for the bathroom - personalize it!

A bathroom mirror is not just a utilitarian item. It is also a decoration that can complete a space and optically enlarge it. In Artform's offer you will find practical proposals with shelves to suit your needs! In what way?
Design your LED bathroom mirror by choosing from as many as five available sizes, three colours, and additional upgrades. You can choose from edge bevelling (which is responsible for the crystal effect on the edges of the mirror), a touch-sensitive backlight switch, an additional cosmetic mirror or even a Bluetooth speaker. It allows you to take a long bath after a day full of chores to the sound of your favourite music!
The practical LED backlight is integrated into the bathroom mirror. So you'll always have the perfect make-up, while significantly reducing energy consumption! In addition, the illuminated bathroom mirror with shelves allows for ergonomic storage of cosmetics.


LED bathroom mirror from Artforma

Timeless, fashionable and practical bathroom mirrors from Artforma are a guarantee of a high quality product that will delight your household for years! Our continually improving manufacturing process and years of industry experience are a guarantee of your satisfaction!

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